The Evolution of Social Media: How Did It Begin, and Where Could It Go Next?

A Brief History of Social Media In less than a generation, social media has evolved from direct electronic information exchange, to virtual gathering place, to retail platform, to vital 21st-century marketing tool. 카지노사이트 How did it begin? How has social media affected the lives of billions of people? How have businesses adapted to the digital … Read more

Why you should stop buying new clothes

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, producing 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions – and it’s estimated that by 2050 this will have increased to 25%. A staggering 300,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to British landfills each year. 카지노사이트 The fast fashion business model, first developed in the early 2000s is responsible … Read more

How to Start a Successful Photography Business

This article is part of our Photography Business Startup Guide—a curated list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your photography business! If you have some creative photography chops, 카지노사이트 you might want to open your own business. You’re not alone in wanting to turn your creative outlet into a money-making venture. Photography is a … Read more

What is the difference between a bad habit and addiction?

When a habit starts harming 카지노사이트 your physical and mental wellbeing, you may have developed an addiction. Naturally, we have good and bad habits, but everything from relationships to your health suffers when a habit takes a dark turn. The big difference between a bad habit and addiction is the amount of time and effort … Read more

A Chronological History of Social Media

Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the evolution of social media platforms. You can also check out this helpful infographic history of social media platforms’ by 카지노사이트 Zenesys. Why are social media platforms so popular? Human beings are social creatures, we thrive on, and in fact need, social interactions to maintain a healthy life and mind. Social media taps into these primal needs and … Read more

Inspiration in Ads

For ‘Inspiration in Ads’, I was entrusted with tracking down instances of two ads that showed a feeling of inspiration for the shopper. I then, at that point, made sense of the advertisements, expressed how they fit into the progressive system of requirements, and said why I thought they were compelling. 카지노사이트 This is essential … Read more

Magnificence and Design Photography by Pierre Turtaut

Photography is in excess of a craftsmanship. It’s an expertise. Proficient photographic artists set aside some margin to study and get familiar with their craft, realizing precisely exact thing is expected to take an eye-getting photograph. There are seven components of photography that separate every one of the things a genuine craftsman ought to zero … Read more